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The CHAYIL Leadership Program integrates Biblical, Entrepreneurial, and Strategic Leadership Studies for personal and societal transformation. Jesus remains the greatest leader of all times and our greatest role model. God is equipping men and women with godly character and wisdom to transform lives and our world by positive leadership. Influential leadership positions in His Church and the kingdoms of this world are waiting for you. (Rev.11:15). Please email us for This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about our LIVE or Online Leadership Program. 

Diploma, Degrees

  • Diploma of Christian Leadership
  • Bachelor of Christian Leadership
  • Master of Christian Leadership 
  • Master of Christian Leadership and Management
  • Doctorate of Christian Leadership
  • Doctorate of Christian Leadership and Management

Examples of Live Courses:

  • Awaken the Glory Within You
  • The Successful Leadership Style of Jesus
  • Covenant Wealth
  • Administration and Marketing
  • Personal and Societal Transformation
  • The Digital Revolution
  • Mobilizing Millennials  for positive influence
  • Empowering Believers for Societal Transformation
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Training
  • Elite Spiritual Warfare

Examples of Online Courses:

  • How to Create and Rule Your World
  • Dreaming and Designing Your Destiny
  • The Dynamics and Imperatives of Great Leadership
  • Apostolic Prophetic Empowerment
  • Kingdom Dynamics of Power and Prosperity
  • Kingdom Leadership Training I, II, III, IV, V, VI
  • Agents of Influence
  • Apostles and Apostolic Ministry
  • Anointed to Prophecy
  • Transforming Nations
  • The Christian in Society
  • Powerful Women Leaders in the Kingdom of God
  • Business Leadership Training

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get started today.

In many developing countries faithful Pastors and Ministers are obeying the command of Jesus to go into their communities to preach, teach, minister to lives and advance the Kingdom of God in their villages.  You can make a difference to a student in a developing country by sponsoring a School, Minister or Student.

In preparing our students as Kingdom and Priests for greater influence in the Church, workplace, community and nations all students will do courses in Theology/Biblical Studies; Christian Counselling; Leadership; Wealth Creation; and Worship Arts. There are several options for study created with you in mind.

People in all areas of discipline are realizing the importance of having a biblical foundation as their base for all life decisions and activities. Our KCLI approach provides a well-rounded curriculum in Theology & Biblical Studies, Christian Counselling, Leadership, Wealth Creation and Worship Arts. Our Application Process is easy and with options.