Christian Leadership 

The KCLI Leadership Program equips believers with a biblical foundation and understanding of the greatness of Christ in you as you lead and influence others. You will be empowered with greater leadership proficiency for your career, ministry or business.  Courses include leadership courses by world renowned leaders. 


Diploma, Degrees

·         Diploma of Christian Leadership

·         Bachelor of Christian Leadership

·         Master of Christian Leadership 

·         Doctorate of Christian Leadership


 Courses include:

  • How to Create and Rule Your World
  • Dreaming and Designing Your Destiny
  • Nehemiah the Game Changer
  • Understanding Spiritual Gifts
  • Kingdom Leadership Training I, II, III, IV, V,
  •  Agents of Influence
  • The Blessing of Chayil
  • Anointed to Prophecy
  • The Kingdom of God
  • Powerful Women Leader
  • Achieving New Levels of Financial Prosperity
  • Covenant Wealth
  • Worship the King
  • Praying like Jesus


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