Christian Counselling

The Christian Counselling Program is with a mission to teach and train Ministers of Christian Counselling. Courses includes Theology & Biblical Studies, Leadership, Worship and Wealth Creation in addition to a list of Christian Counselling, Psychology, Spiritual Gifts, Deliverance and Inner Healing Courses and Training as seen in courses below. Students will also participate in 'Infield training" for experience at Counselling Centres and Agencies of their choice.


·         Bachelor of Christian Counselling

·         Master of Christian Counselling

·         Doctorate of Christian Counselling

*KCLI Toronto only offers Diplomas


·         Introduction, History of Psychology

·         History of Psychology

·         Statistics

·         Inner Healing

·         Marriage and the Family

·         Deliverance Counselling

·         Neuropsychology

·         Christian Psychiatry

·         Cognitive Psychology

·         Spiritual Gifts

·         Restoring the Foundations Ministry

·         Addictions

·         Anatomy of Brain

·         Child Development and Learning Styles

·         Sociology

·         Psychopathology

·         Stress Coping & Emotions

·         Development Psychology

·         Behavioural Psychology

·         Personality Psychology

·         Counselling Models


·         Christian/Biblical Counselling

·         Achievement and Motivation

·         Group Therapy

·         Grief Counseling

·         Clinical DHM Assessment

·         The Christian Family

·         Destiny Coaching

·         Psychology of Well-Being

·         Stress, Coping & Emotions

·         Professional Ethics 

·         Multiple Intelligences


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