Christian Counselling

The Christian Counselling Program is with a mission to teach and train Christian Counselling Ministers. Courses includes Bible and Theology for a strong biblical foundation and Counselling, Psychology, and Neuropsychology  courses. Students can also participate in 'Infield training" for experience at Counselling Centres, Agencies and Churches in their community.

Diploma, Degree

·        Diploma of Christian Counselling

·         Bachelor of Christian Counselling

Topics in Course:

·         Introduction to Psychology

·         History of Psychology

·          Inner Healing

·         Neuropsychology

·         Christian Psychiatry

·         Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

·         Spiritual Gifts

·         Addictions

·         Anatomy of Brain

·         Sociology

·         Neuroplasticity

·         Anger Dynamics, Healing

·         Behavioural Psychology

·         Personality Psychology

·         Counselling Children


·         Christian Counselling

·         Achievement and Motivation

·         Group Therapy

·         Grief Counseling

·         The Christian Family

·         Professional Ethics 

·         Therapy Techniques


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