Transforming and Changing Anger to Blessings – Dr. Vicky Khatib Brown

This class focuses on first what we call, “The Apostle Paul’s Dilemma” or “The War Within” (Romans 7: 14-25). Many Christians frustrations come from realizing that in our minds we desire to serve God, and in our hearts we rejoice in the Lord, but our fleshly bodies refuse to obey God and refuse to do that which we desire and which delights God.

The second step is to understand the mechanism of anger which will clarify the meaning of what Paul refers to as, “the weakness of our flesh is the root problem of sin.”

The third step outlines a parallel between the Biblical ways of overcoming anger and the same identical principles brought to light through research in Neuroplasticity.  It explains why anger is a stronghold that dwells in the unconscious mind, and how it becomes the Master of the mind!  The class concludes with the realization that the habit of anger must be neurologically extinguished and replaced with the “fruits of love”.