Christology: The Life of Christ – Dr. William J. Hurst

In this course we will start in eternity past and move through the whole expression of the Son of God to eternity future.

While studying the Life of Christ from this perspective we will discover truths that will cause us to meditate upon the vastness of the Love of God for us, and His purpose in redemption.

All of His titles will be referenced in order that we understand just how great He is. Come study with us, and have your vision of who He is enlarged. It is our goal in this course to cause you to see Jesus magnified and the center of God’s plan and purpose for the past, present and future.



Anointed For Kingdom Business – Apostle Larry Bizette
This course presents a kingdom perspective of doing business that will enable the student to make a difference in the market place by doing business God’s way.


The Book of Deuteronomy – Dr. Herbert Sutherland
This study corrects many of the misconceptions we have about God’s love for us and what He really requires of us when He ask us to Love the Lord  our God with all our heart, soul and intellect (Deuteronomy 6:5, Matthew 22:37). 

This course will equip you with the tools required to identify and appreciate the evidence of God’s love in every area of your life. It will also prepare you to demonstrate in a practical way His love;  to all you come in contact with, whether you are at home, on the job at school, in the mall or at church (Deuteronomy 30:20).

As you meditate on the contents of this book you will be filled with more gratitude to God as you come face to face with the abundance of evidence in your life that He really loves you. (John 3:16, Romans 8:32).


Pauline Epistles: Paul’s Letters - Dr. Stowell Theodore

This course will explore the thirteen letters of the Old Testament written by the Apostle Paul.  Emphasized is the contribution of each book’s content to Christian doctrine along with themes common in all letters. This includes Paul’s solution to problems churches or individuals faced; the kingdom of God, the gospel, the person and work of Jesus Christ and practical Christian living.

Upon completion of this study, a student will be able to: Identify the reason each letter was written; discuss major problems Paul addressed in his letters, discuss doctrine documented by Paul, explain the challenges facing each person or church and apply the lessons learned from this study to daily living.


The Book of Judges – Dr. William J. Hurst

This course illustrates the parallels between the judges and the Evangelist. Lessons concerning attitudes, pitfalls, anointing, and results are studied to help ministry today avoid the problems seen in the course. The blessings and danger of itinerant ministry are spoken to as well.

You will receive a fresh look at the ministry of the Evangelist through a study of the only ministry in the Old Testament that displays any of the characteristics of the New Testament Evangelist.


The Pentateuch – Dr. William J. Hurst

In this overview of the Pentateuch, we find God setting the stage for the understanding of His Kingdom in the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.


In these five books in the Bible, we come to see why it is important to study each one.


Come study with us as we discover together, God’s prophetic, illustrative, picture of what He desires as He prepares His end-time church for the manifestation of the Kingdom of the earth.


The Book of John – Dr. Innes Howe

“Jesus is the Christ! Believe and live” Warren Weirsbe. Some scholars refer to the Gospel of John as the most profound book in the New Testament.

In this Course you will see God’s love in action through Jesus Christ and grasp a deeper understanding of the Word that became flesh and is still dwelling among us. This Word is riveted inside each Christian for the manifestation of His Glory. Jesus is the Word!  The power in His words caused people to listen; wherever He went, the results of His action and His influence compelled people to follow and when He turned up on the scene, hearts and lives were transformed.

He was both man and God. He is touched with compassion at your pains and struggles of everyday life because He has already paid the price. Allow His humanity to move you as he delights in your joys and allow His deity to catapult you to the life He has planned for you!


Theology of Prayer - Dr. William J. Hurst


In this course it is our desire to take the pattern of the prayer life of Jesus, expanding them with other illustration from the scriptures to show us how to pray effectively. It is to be remembered that His prayer life was not exercise as the Son of God, but as the Son of man. It was the Son of man that prevailed in prayer, thereby seeing the will of God manifested on earth.


Because Jesus is the pattern, both the pattern of the Son of God and the Son of man, using His life to teach prayer is valid and imperative.  You will find that much of His prayer life is hidden, not being shown in the gospels, but scattered throughout the rest of scripture.  Because David was a man after God’s own heart , we often find the heart cry of the Son of man hidden in the prophetic vision of David during the crisis moments. In the book of Ezekiel we find the term often used, Son of Man.  Because of this, we will examine Ezekiel’s Conversation and cries to God.


Seven Keys to Economic Empowerment – Dr. Phillip Phinn
Ninety seven percent of the world’s population has been socialized to work for money. As such poverty and economic wage slavery continues to be a serious problem, especially in the third world.  In “Seven Keys to Economic Empowerment” you will see how to reverse this trend so that you can let money work for you, as well as how to earn multiple incomes.
Every person is born with at least on innate gift, that given the opportunity to develop, poverty and unemployment would be avoided; in fact the sky would be the limit with respect to their prosperity and achievements.
Wherever people have applied principles of the mustard seed, results have always lead to substantial financial and economic breakthroughs.


What in the World is Going On: A Study of Bible Prophecy & Today’s World Events

Pastor Everett  Flight


This series of teaching will examine the accuracy of Biblical prophecy as demonstrated in the past, realized in the present and assured for the future. Drawing from the reliability of the Bible in the past and present prophetic fulfillment we will explore current events that affect our world in general and our personal lives in particular.


We will answer the critics concerning our past, present and future. We will discover that God is and always has been intimately involved with His creation and furthermore has a marvelous destiny for those who love, serve and trust Him.


We will wed eschatology with God’s purpose for our lives now and into the future. We will explore social, spiritual political and economic trends in light of God’s prophetic Word.