This course is a study, providing scriptural basis for deliverance counselling and ministry. The method, procedures and techniques will be discussed not only in ministering deliverance but also for self-deliverance and inner healing. Not only will we expose the enemy, his weaknesses, strengths and methods but we will exalt the power of the Holy Spirit within you and affirm your exalted position as seated far above all evil powers with Jesus Christ. The Greater One in you is Jesus Christ who conquered satan, death and the grave. In Christ we have victory, power, freedom and purpose to join with Him in His mission to set captives free, build His Church and advance His Kingdom.


Your dream is the vision of your destiny. What you see in your sleep and in your heart are shadows or glimpses of your potential and destiny. In this course you learn how to understand the power of your dream and how to design for lasting legacy. Joseph had a dream that could not be destroyed by treachery, prison and all the evil schemes of his enemies. We are today the fruit of the dream and destiny of Abraham. You are born for such a time as this and your dream and destiny will be for generations as you learn to create your dream, design your dream and preserve your dream.


This is the great opportunity to learn from great experiernce leaders such as Dr. Pat Francis, Dr. Chuck Pierce, Apostle Tudor Bismark, Lance Wallnau, Apostle Giulio Gabeli and Apostle Bernard Nwaka the principles and power of leadership in the prophetic, kingdom of God, in the society and mountains of culture and in prayer. The anointing is not only taught but it is also caught. When you study with Elisha you can earn a double portion of his anointing. Here you will be trained by great leaders in an atmosphere of supernatural anointing.


In this course you will study the evidence that all people, men and women, are made in the image and likeness of God and therefore powerful to lead and do great works in His Kingdom on Earth. The Bible records many powerful women such as Eve, Sarah, Deborah, Esther, Jael, Abagail, Rahab, Mary, Priscilla, Mary Magdalene who saved Israel, lead mighty armies, killed enemy kings, and brought Jesus our Savior into our world. Powerful women are still impacting our world. Study and be inspired again that God loves and uses all willing believers.


The disciples in hearing and noticing the passionate and effective prayer life of Jesus said to Him: “Lord, teach us how to pray.” They noticed that when He prayed, He came from the presence of His Heavenly Father with renewed grace, power and glory. In this teaching, you will be taught, trained and coached in passionate and intentional prayer like Jesus. You will learn how to touch the heart of God for unlimited favor and blessings. With strengthened power, you will “rule your world” and be intentional with your prayers, time and activities. Be refreshed and be refueled in the Presence of your King as you “Pray Like Jesus”, your Heavenly Father using the template of Jesus who is hearing and praying


God never leaves us stranded as His children for He always leaves us a path that will allow us to experience all that He has planned for us. His plan is clear according to Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Let us now take a journey through the word of God and release God’s mandate of prospering us, God’s way.

This course is designed to draw you into a closer and stronger relationship with your heavenly Father. It will not only give you theological information, but revelation and impartation will come so you can personally experience restoration and transformation from the heart of the King. You will also be empowered to help others walk in Kingdom authority and dominion


The book of Mark is an exciting narrative of dynamic movement presenting Jesus in action rather than speaking. It is directed to the Gentile World giving a portrait of Jesus as the powerful Son of God whose word is law in the natural as well as in the supernatural realm. The paradox is that this strong Son of God who is King in the Kingdom of God is also the Servant of man, Saviour and Redeemer.


The Books of Wisdom in the Bible are also known as the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament. In this course you will study the moral and philosophical works found in the books of Job, Psalms and Proverbs. To study wisdom is to grow in wisdom. As you tap into the minds and philosophy of the great authors you will be empowered with greater wisdom with practical relevance for all areas of your life


Leadership is a gift and grace that is the potential of all people. The grace of great leaders will be studied in this course to inspire you with practical help on becoming a greater leader in all areas of your life. Whether it is at home as a parent, in Church, Workplace or in any leadership activities, leadership is a gift, a grace and also an art. You will learn in this course the dynamics of great leadership. You were born to lead and to lead with the greatness of your King, Jesus Christ, as your represent Him on earth.


Esther won the heart of the King of Persia in the competitive environment of hundreds of beautiful Persian ladies. She was an orphan adopted by Mordecai, a Jew and enemy of the Persians and yet she won the favor of the King. In this course you will learn how to win the heart of your King of kings and earn His favor, grace and glory. Jesus Christ is called our King of kings and Lord of lords. As you walk in greater dominion this descriptive name will be manifested on Earth through the lives of His royal family of believers.