Kingdom Covenant Leadership Institute (KCLI), with its Head Office in America, has  a Ministry Training Centre in Toronto and other nations.  More and more people in all areas of discipline are realizing the importance of having a biblical foundation as their base for all life decisions and activities. Our KCLI approach provides a well-rounded curriculum in Theology & Biblical Studies, Christian Counselling, and Leadership. This can be done affordably and with minimal disruption to your regular obligations.
In this post-pandemic era, many students were forced to study online and found it to be very convenient and much more affordable. With our online school you can study any day, time, or place.  With just a smart phone, tablet, or a laptop, you will have access to great experienced teachers who care.
KCLI will help you to develop and maximize your leadership skills, ministry expertise, and to represent Christ as you fulfill your calling and purpose. Quality, affordable, accessible Christian education and training are now available to you.


What are your goals? Share them with us, and give us the opportunity to share with you the possibilities at KCLI to provide for you affordable education, mentorship and encouragement for your life, work and service to God in all areas. You will join a community of passionate believers with a mission to serve in God's end-time plan for global revival and to fill the whole earth with His Glory.
Good news!  Ask us about our scholarship program that is available now.